Immune Therapy

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Men’s Treatments

Immunotherapy (biological therapy),

an evolving and promising cancer treatment, works by stimulating the immune system.

Treatments can fuel the body’s production of cancer-fighting cells or help healthy cells identify and attack cancer cells.

Your immune system is made up of various organs, antibodies (proteins) and immune cells that work together to fight disease and infections. Immune cells include:

  • B-cell lymphocytes: These white blood cells produce infection-fighting antibodies.
  • T-cell lymphocytes: These white blood cells target and destroy diseased cells. T-cells also alert other cells to the presence of diseased or foreign cells.
  • Dendritic cells: These immune cells interact with T-cells to stimulate an immune system response.
  • Granulocytes: These white blood cells — neutrophils, eosinophils and basophils — fight infections.

How does immunotherapy work?
Immune cells produce cytokines, protein molecules that act on other cells. Immunotherapy introduces large amounts of these proteins into the body. The treatment:

  • Stimulates the immune system to produce more disease-fighting immune cells.
  • Makes it easier for the immune system to identify and target cancer cells.

What Are the Benefits?
It can help other cancer treatments work better. Other therapies you have, like chemotherapy, may work better if you also have immunotherapy.

It causes fewer side effects than other treatments. This is because it targets just your immune system and not all the cells in your body.

Your cancer may be less likely to return. When you have immunotherapy, your immune system learns to go after cancer cells if they ever come back. This is called immune memory, and it could help you stay cancer-free for a longer time.

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