Dr Lev Paukman

Medical Director MD, PHD Dr Lev Paukman is the leading hormone and testosterone  specialist in the country. His hormone and testosterone  replacement therapy will improve your health and quality of life and how you feel about yourself with groundbreaking treatments such as bioidentical hormone therapy, hormone optimization, testosterone therapy,  medical weight loss regimens and antioxidant, […]

Vinson Michael DiSanto

Vinson Michael DiSanto

Medical Director DO, PhD, CCN, CAFCI, BBEC Having spent 34 years in practice, Dr. Vinson DiSanto has experimented in both conventional and alternative medicine, focusing on systems biology, lifestyle medicine, osteopathic and traditional medicine.  He is a Doctor of Acupuncture, and holds a PhD in traditional/Oriental Medicine.  His areas of expertise include oriental medicine, clinical […]

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